Maintenance and Repair


As already mentioned in the FAQs and Tips pages, over time cracks may appear in your Jubilee floor tiles due to heavy usage or even accidents, or the Velcro may become too worn for good seam connection. If this happens, don't despair! The tiles are still very usable, and repairable.

Jubilee floor tiles are designed from the outset to be low-maintenance and still take plenty of abuse before replacement is necessary. We want all of our customers to feel "in control" of their purchase. We want you to feel that you can slap some glue on one when it gets cracked; take a hammer and bang the edges to make it fit into a tight space if necessary; leave it out in the rain for days if you have to; or purchase replacement Velcro if yours gets physically ripped off, grossly gunked up, or worn. My point is that a Jubilee floor can last a long time if you want it too!

We at Jubilee are here to help you troubleshoot whatever your tiles may encounter.

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