How We Got Started

Practicality is the magic of Jubilee Dance Floor tiles. Simplicity is the main ingredient. And necessity is indeed the mother of invention. Here is how we began:

When Heather Clarke began Irish dancing in 2001, she quickly discovered that practicing on unforgiving surfaces was murder on her bones, joints and shins. Almost ready to give up dancing from the discomfort, she embarked on a quest to find a floor that was shock-absorbing, lightweight, portable and affordable. To her disappointment, she found that not one dance floor company that advertised so-called "portable" dance floors could satisfy her dance needs; and the ones that were truly portable actually had no shock absorbing qualities required by a dancer. To top it all off, the floors she found were ridiculously expensive for her budget.

Frustrated and disappointed, Heather worked to find a floor that she could build for herself. Months later she found materials and suppliers that satisfied her requirements for her own practice floor. Heather danced on her own floors and later showed them to her fellow dancers. Requests for her floors from other dancers began to come in. It did not take a rocket scientist to see that there was a need for the Jubilee Floor.

Jubilee opened the doors of its internet business on January 13 of 2003 and sells almost entirely via the web. Other sales and advertising come from attending dance competitions and celtic festivals where dancers may try out and purchase the panels.

Jubilee Pricing Philosophy

Our product is $38 per tile in black and white and $40 per tile in color (under 50 tiles). Why so reasonable?

Because we believe in value. Period.

And we realize how expensive sports and dancing can be. Shoes, costumes, lessons, competition fees, travel, lodging and food can all mount up to quite a chunk out of a family budget. Sure, there are those families whose discretionary income allows for more investments in their young peoples' dancing activities. But we know that there are many, many families who must watch their expenditures.

That is why our philosophy about pricing Jubilee Dance Floor is the same as the product itself - keep it simple and affordable. Our wish is to make our tiles readily available to dancers and athletes from almost any income level.

Did you know that Jubilee Dance Floor tiles are so affordable that for the price of a single used Irish solo dress (a dress that may last just a single season) or new school dress, one could purchase 20 Jubilee panels (value $720)?

So is the cost of a single tile expensive? Not really. Why? Because the value goes beyond just the cost of this floor.

The health of the athlete and dancer is paramount in the construction of these wonderful tiles. Now, perhaps for the first time, one can practice for hours at home at any time for as long as they need without fearing those dreaded shin splints and joint injuries. Just the prevention of these injuries alone helps keep the medical bills down.

Jubilee desires to contribute value to the dance world by providing these great sprung floor tiles. That is our mission.

Simple.....and affordable.